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Research Details

  • Funding Organization : European Commission
  • Funding Programme : H2020-MG-7.1-2014
  • Funding Instrument : Research & Innovation Action
  • Duration : 36 months
  • Total Budget : 5,384,646 EUR
  • ITI Budget : 490,313 EUR
  • Scientific Responsible : Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras


SocialCar is an Intelligent Transport System based on an innovative approach to transport demand management, and more specifically to carpooling in urban and peri-urban areas. SocialCar’s main objective is to develop a new communication network for intelligent mobility, sharing information of carpooling integrated with existing transport and mobility systems. It will be achieved by means of powerful planning algorithm and integration in a liveable environment of big data related to public transport, carpooling and crowd sourcing in order to provide the final user with a simplified travel experience allowing comparison and choice between multiple options/services. SocialCar will take advantage of social media to communicate, share information and provide the best just-in-time notifications to the travellers. It will also take advantage of the ever growing connectivity of people and objects and the propagation of web services, the potential of Future Internet and the availability of GNSS based location and social media to create an integrated mobility service with the potential to sensibly reduce mobility problems of European citizens. SocialCar will capitalise on a strong pan European team with a solid background in social, psychological and economic sciences, the involvement of 10 European urban sites will prove the concepts’ validity and business case.


  • FIT Consulting srl, Italy
  • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
  • The University Court of the University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Ab.Acus srl, Italy
  • Scuola Universitaria professionale della svizzera Italiana, Switzerland
  • Vectos (South) Ltd., UK
  • LuxMobility S.a R.L, Luxembourg
  • Bermag Galkiewicz i Galkiewicz Sp.j., Poland
  • Movenda S.p.A. , Italy
  • Fondazione VEL, Switzerland
  • City of Skopje, FYROM
  • South-East of Scotland Transport Partnership, UK
  • Lazio Region, Italy
  • City of Zabreb, Croatia
  • Prometni institut Ljubljana d.o.o., Slovenia
  • TTS Italia, Italy
  • IBI Group (UK) Limited, UK
  • Concept Factory SA, Luxembourg
  • Strategic Stuff B.V, Netherlands
  • University of West Hungary, Hungary
  • Zight BV, Netherlands
  • Brescia Mobilita SpA Societa Metropolitana di Mobilita, Italy
  • CPA vzw (TAXISTOP), Belgium
  • City of Turin, Italy
  • Liftshare.com Ltd, UK