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Lampros Zyglakis

Personal Information

Lampros Zyglakis

Research Assistant


  • Dimploma :
    Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTh (2017)
  • Scientific Interests :
    smart grids, AC microgrids, energy efficiency, Multi-Agent Systems


Lampros Zyglakis received the Diploma Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Technology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in March 2017. From June 2014 he is a member of his university’s team ARISTotle University Racing Team ELectric (ARISTURTLE). The immediate objective of the team is the design, construction and continuous improvement of its formula style cars, with the view to participate in international competitions of Formula SAE.
His main research interests include smart grids, AC microgrids, energy efficiency, Multi-Agent Systems.
Lampros is employed in the Informatics and Technology Institute (I.T.I.) of the Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CE.R.T.H.) since June 2017.



Building C (Ganas) – Office B12
Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology – Hellas
9th km Thessaloniki – Thermi, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
Fax: –
Email: zyglakis@iti.gr