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Christos Kioroglou

Personal Information

Christos Kioroglou

Research Assistant


  • Dimploma :
    Democritus University of Thrace (2020)
  • MSc :
    Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research and Informatics Office (GEP)
20ηArmored Division of Kavala, Greek Army
Assistant in GEP of 20ηArmored Division of Greek Army
Technical support at Army’s Operational Offices
Protection and maintenance of local user network
Design logos documents, and other promotional product
(July 2020 – May 2021)


Mr. Christos Kioroglou

Building C (Ganas)
Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology – Hellas
9th km Thessaloniki – Thermi, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
Fax: –
Email: ckioro@iti.gr