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Alexandros Zamichos

Personal Information

Alexandros Zamichos

Research Assistant


  • Dimploma :
    Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Thessaly (2015)
  • Scientific Interests :
    software engineering, data mining, machine learning, neural networks and web development


Zamichos Alexandros received his diploma from the department of Computer and Communication Engineering at University of Thessaly in 2015. Since September of 2015, he has been working as a research assistant at the Informatics and Telematics Institute (ITI) of the Centre for Research and Technology (Certh). His research interests include software engineering, data mining, machine learning, neural networks and web development.

Recent Publications

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  • M. Tsourma, A. Zamichos, E. Efthymiadis, A. Drosou, D. Tzovaras, An AI-enabled framework for real-time generation of News articles based on big EO data for disasters’ reporting“. Future Internet 13, no. 6:161, 2021, https://doi.org/10.3390/fi13060161
  • T. Theodorou, A. Zamichos, M. Skoumperdis, A. Kougioumtzidou, K. Tsolaki, D. Papadopoulos, A. Patsios, G. Papanikolaou, A. Konstantinidis, A. Drosou, D. Tzovaras, An AI-Enabled Stock Predic-tion Platform Combining News and Social Sensing with Financial Statements“, Future Internet 13, no. 6: 138, 2021, https://doi.org/10.3390/fi13060138
  • A. Zamichos, T. Theodorou, A. Drosou, D. Tzovaras, An Evacuation Management framework based on urban data & personalized mobility information“, 4th IEEE International Conference on Big-Data computing service and Applications (IEEE BigDataService 2018), Bamberg, Germany, Mar. 2018.
  • I. Kalamaras, A. Zamichos, A. Salamanis, A. Drosou, D. Kehagias, G. Margaritis, St. Papadopoulos, D. Tzovaras, An interactive Visual Analytics Platform for smart Intelligent Transportation Systems management“, in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 487-496, Feb. 2018, doi: 10.1109/TITS.2017.2727143
  • A. Zamichos, T. Theodorou, A. Drosou, D. Tzovaras, Personalized Evacuation Guidance in Urban Environments“, in Proc. of the 8th International Congress on Transportation Research in Greece, Thesslaoniki, Greece, Sep. 2017.


Mr. Alexandros Zamichos

Building A – Office 1.10
Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology – Hellas
6th km Harilaou – Thermi, 57001, Thermi – Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30 2311 257955
Fax: +30 2310 474128
Email: zamihos@iti.gr