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Research Details

  • Funding Organization : European Commission
  • Funding Programme : LC-SC3-ES-4-2018-2020, Decarbonising energy systems of geographical Islands
  • Funding Instrument : Innovation Action
  • Duration : 48 months
  • Total Budget : € 8.588.713
  • ITI Budget : € 341.125
  • Scientific Responsible : Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras


IANOS brings together two Lighthouse (LH) islands (Terceira-PT, Ameland-NL), and three Fellow islands (FI) (Lambedusa-IT, Bora-Bora-FR, Nisyros-GR), all sharing a common vision of decarbonizing their energy systems and be energy independent until 2050. Thirty-four (34) strongly experienced partners from nine (9) European countries, join forces to deliver smart technological, economic and social innovations, providing systemic optimization starting from an Energy Community-centric approach. IANOS adopts an Island Energy Transition Strategy built around three (3) Island Energy Transition Tracks that focus on: a) Energy efficiency and grid support for extremely high RES penetration, b) Decarbonization through electrification and support from non-emitting fuels, c) Empowering Local Energy Communities (LEC). Through IANOS an impressive repository of elements (technologies, tools, methods) will be demonstrated in the two LH islands and within nine (9) carefully defined Use-Cases (UCs) that will lead to: a reduction of fossil fuel consumption by 379.7 GWh/y, an increase in RES utilization by 83.6 GWh/y, increase accuracy of vRES forecasts by >10% and reduce energy bills of end-users by >15%. In total, 900 participants (prosumers/consumers) will be involved in LECs by the end of IANOS. Elements to be demonstrated include: an iVPP operative orchestration toolkit, smart energy routers, hybrid transformers, flywheel storage, biobased batteries, heat batteries, tidal kite, an auto-generative digester and the IANOS Energy Planning and Transition Suite (IEPT). The replication potential of IANOS UCs will be evaluated in the three FIs. Due to their current local energy mix, Terceira and Ameland can particularly act as LHs for geothermal and hydrogen-centered island economies, respectively. To reach all these goals, a total of 121.6M€ will be invested by the 2 LH ecosystems, while another 60.4M€ will be fuelled by the 6 FI ecosystems during IANOS (until 2025).

Main role of CERTH

CERTH is the Technical coordinator of the project. CERTH will lead: T3.2 for the development of the crowdequity component for the IEPT toolset; T4.2, developing the necessary forecasting mechanisms, utilizing AI meta-learning models for both demand and vRES; T4.3, employing its expertise into intelligent clustering and segmentation of prosumers to implement into the iVPP Aggregation & Classification component; T2.5 drafting the System ICT Architecture. CERTH/ITI would also participate into T6.1 activities, enveloping the FEID-PLUs with capabilities to control on-field V2G and storage assets.


  • Center for New Energy Technologies SA [EDPL], Portugal
  • Uninova [UNI], Portugal
  • EFACEC Energia [EFACEC], Portugal
  • Electricity dos Açores, S.A. [EDA], Portugal
  • EFACEC Electric Mobility [EFAEM], Portugal
  • Regional Government of Azores [RGA], Portugal
  • Virtual Power Solutions, S.A. [VPS], Portugal
  • Teraloop [TERA], Portugal
  • Sunamp Ltd [SunAmp], Portugal
  • BEON Energy [BEON], Portugal
  • Municipality of Ameland [AME], The Netherlands
  • New Energy Coalition [NEC], The Netherlands
  • The Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research [TNO], The Netherlands
  • Alliander nv [ALI], The Netherlands
  • Ameland Energy Cooperative [AEC], The Netherlands
  • SuWoTec B.V. [SWT], The Netherlands
  • Hanze University of Applied Science [HANZE], The Netherlands
  • Neroa B.V. [NEROA], The Netherlands
  • Repowered [REP], The Netherlands
  • SeaQurrent Holding B.V. [SQH,], The Netherlands
  • Bareau BV [BAREAU], The Netherlands
  • GasTerra B.V. [GAS], The Netherlands
  • Municipality of Lampedusa [LAMP], Italy
  • National Research Council – Institute of Atmospheric Pollution [CNR-IIA], Italy
  • Municipality of Bora-Bora [BORA], France
  • AKUO Energy [AKUO], France
  • Municipality of Nisyros [NIS], Greece
  • Center for Research and Technology Hellas [CERTH], Greece
  • Engineering-Ingegneria Informatica SpA [ENG], Italy
  • Rina Consulting S.p.A. [RINA], Italy
  • European Renewable Energies Federation [EREF], Belgium
  • Hellenic Association for Energy Economics [HAEE], Greece
  • UBITECH Energy [UBE], Belgium