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Research Details

  • Funding Organization : European Commission
  • Funding Programme : FP7 - Information & Communication Technologies
  • Funding Instrument : Best Practise Network
  • Duration : 36 months
  • Total Budget : 591,000 EUR
  • ITI Budget : 24,000 EUR
  • Scientific Responsible : Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras


ATIS4all is a European Thematic Network which main objective seeks to facilitate everyone’s access to the most suitable AT or accessibility device and service according to their needs, preferences and contextual characteristics (e.g. ICT solution, environment constraints, user device, language, etc.). For this purpose, ATIS4all will start and maintain an open, collaborative portal offering reliable information on AT and inclusive products and services, and cutting-edge technological trends. ATIS4all will contain Web 2.0 participation tools in order to encourage online discussion exchange of knowledge and expertise, and sharing of information among key actors and end users. Funded by the EU´s Policy Support Programme – Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.


  • Fundosa Technosite S.A., Spain, ( Coordinator )
  • European Platform for Rehabilitation, Belgium
  • Fundación Vodafone España, Spain
  • Employers’ Forum on Disability, United Kingdom
  • Anditec-Tecnologias de Reabilitacao, Lda., Portugal
  • European Disability Forum, Belgium
  • Fundación Robotiker-Tecnalia, Spain
  • AGE Platform Europe, Belgium
  • Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas/ Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece
  • Association BrailleNet, France
  • Stephen Andrew Lee – Fullmeasure, United Kingdom
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Ministerstvo Vnitra, Czech Republic
  • Abilitynet, United Kingdom
  • IT-OG Telestyrelsen – National IT and Telecom Agency NITA. Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark
  • Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark
  • Central Remedial Clinic, Ireland
  • Work Research Centre, Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Research In Motion UK, Ltd., United Kingdom