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Research Details

  • Funding Organization : European Commission
  • Funding Programme : FP7 - Information & Communication Technologies
  • Funding Instrument : Specific Targeted Research Project
  • Duration : 36 months
  • Total Budget : 2,600,000 EUR
  • ITI Budget : 763,875 EUR
  • Scientific Responsible : Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras


The main goal of ACCESSIBLE is to utilise the fundamental properties and to improve the accessibility of software development products, by introducing an harmonised accessibility methodology into accessible software development processes, using significantly better measurement strategies, methodologies, etc. The envisaged improvement will enable large organisations, SMEs or individuals (developers, designers, etc.) to produce software products of superior accessibility and usability, accompanied with appropriate measures, technologies and tools that improve their overall quality.


  • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Informatics and Telematics Institute and Hellenic Institute of Transport, Greece
  • Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas / Institute of Computer Science, Greece
  • Sun Microsystems, Czech Republic
  • University of Stuttgart / Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management, Germany
  • Alcatel – Lucent Deutschland AG, Germany
  • Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Softeco Sismat SpA, Italy
  • Netscouts GmbH, Germany
  • Marie Curie Association, Bulgaria
  • CONNcept Swiss, Switzerland
  • Solinet GmbH, Germany