Coding Assistant

This is an Eclipse plugin that provides the available universAAL ontology (OWL) files that developer can use. The tool connects to Ontology Repository in order to retrieve the ontology files and store them locally. The tool uses the OWL files of the ontologies as input in order to provide a view that will contain a tree represenation of the ontologies. For each OWL file the plugin depicts (through an Eclipse View) a tree representation of the classes and the properties that have been defined inside OWL file.


Coding assistant plugin video demonstration


Pax Runner Tool

This AAL Studio Eclipse Plugin tool is an extension of the open source project Pax Runner. Pax Runner is a tool to provision OSGi bundles in all major open source OSGi framework implementations (Felix, Equinox, Knopflerfish, Concierge). It provides a user interface for managing provision of OSGi bundles on Eclipse. This tool is very useful for deployers, so people creating packages of AAL Applications and platform components can really benefit from this extension.



Pax Runner tool video demonstration 


uAAL Pax Runner Tool

Like the Pax Runner Tool this tools also uses the Pax Runner specifications and runtime to start an OSGi application. But opposite to the other tool this one is more suited to the special needs of universAAL (this is why we call it uAAL Pax Runner) and also be able to automatically create run-configurations for given projects from the workspace.



uAAL Pax Runner tool video demonstration 


Service Application Project Build

This Eclipse plugin provides a safe way for building and running a universAAL service/application within Eclipse workspace. Based on the prototype skeleton projects by the Project and Items Wizards Tool, the developer implements his application according to universAAL standards. This tool is responsible for building the developed project using the appropriate libraries and dependencies for making a new universAAL compatible service/application binary. By building projects with this tool, the resulting jar files are deployed to the local or universAAL Maven repositories, in order to be published or reused by other universAAL projects/providers. Finally, this tool also has the capability of creating automatically launch configuration files in order to be loaded by the Pax Runner plugin.



Service Application Project Build video demonstration