Occupancy tracking software using privacy-preserving sensors (depth cameras)

Client-Server architecture has been adopted, whereas clients perform the detection and aggregator gathers, merges and tracks the detection results. The aggregation system is able to extract the occupancy of the building, of each space and of each occupant.

Occupancy tracking video demonstration


Occupancy prediction system

Occupancy and energy measurements of a building are utilized to train an agent-based model and the business process model. The simulation engine simulates the occupancy of a building based on the business processes occurring in it.

SImulation engine video demonstration


Visual analytics tool

Visual analytics tool for visualizing and evaluating the energy consumption simulation of a building. It can also be used for comparison purposes, comparing the energy consumption of different simulation scenarios (actual and refurbished building).

Visual analytics tool video demonstration


Facility management tool

Facility management tool for visualizing and evaluating the occupancy, energy consumption and environmental values of the monitored area. It can work either offline (measurement viewer) or online (facility management) illustrating the measurements in real-time.

Facility management tool video demonstration

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